August 2018  
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Wings of Glory Community Gospel Choir 


Welcome to Wings of Glory Community Gospel Choir. If this is your first experience singing Gospel music, you may find our rehearsals different from those of other groups you’ve joined. We often learn by rote, which is by listening and repeating what you’ve heard. For trained musicians, this can be disturbing, but if you stay in the spirit of Gospel, you will eventually learn to enjoy the freedom. Sometimes written music is supplied, but keep in mind that one key feature of Gospel music is spontaneity, so expect to hear diversions from the hard copy, and changes in the music from one rehearsal to the next.

If singing in a group is new to you, hang in there! It can be daunting at first, but you will catch on! Some of the songs we perform are very easy, and you will be able to sing them after one rehearsal. Some are quite contemporary, and even our accomplished singers find them a challenge to learn. Don’t get discouraged. The members of your section – soprano, alto, tenor, or bass – will be happy to help you learn the notes. Don’t be afraid to ask. For both experienced and novice singers, an audio recorder (most smart cell phones will work) is your best tool for quick learning.


Attendance is not required at either weekly rehearsals or concerts,. Most people have busy lives, and commitments to work, kids, church, sports and other things. Participation in Wings of Glory should be enjoyable, not stressful. It is wonderful and highly appreciated when you come to practice or concerts. When you can’t make it, it is a courtesy to drop the director an e-mail or make a phone call. Keep in mind that you will get more out of singing with Wings of Glory, both musically and spiritually, if you attend regularly.


Currently, child care is offered free of charge for potty-trained children ages 3 years to 10 years. If you plan to bring your child to rehearsal  contact Loraine Nichols via e-mail at; please plan to give at least 3 hours notice.  You can rest assured that your child will be safe and entertained by our experienced childcare provider.


While we do not have official dues, we do pass the basket at each rehearsal. If you are blessed to be able to afford five or ten dollars a week, we really appreciate it. The money donated by the singers covers the fees for our director Adam Ivey, accompanist Smiley Brown, bassist Neil Fontano, and drummer Keith Fontano. All extra cash goes into the general fund for expenses such as postage, printing,  workshops and scholarships and occasionally a guest musician. Except for the band and director, all staff members are volunteers.


Our beautiful navy and scarlet robes were purchased in the fall of 2003, after much research by the Robe Committee with input from choir members. Some people have purchased their robes, while other “rent” them. As a new member, you may borrow one of our spare robes for concerts, and return it afterwards. If you decide you are really serious about staying with the choir, you may want your own robe. You may purchase one of the spares, or we can order one for you. 


While Wings of Glory is a community choir, and welcomes everyone, of any ability and all faiths, we sing the music of the Black American church, which includes Baptist, Congregational, Methodist (AME and plain ol’), many fundamentalist denominations, and even Episcopal and Catholic. This means the music is necessarily Christian in theme. Your personal faith is not an issue as long as you understand where we are “comin’ from”. We hope to provide each singer with a path to joyful adoration of God. May you thoroughly enjoy your experience with Wings of Glory, whether you stay for just one rehearsal or join us for the long ride!