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Elim Lutheran Church offers their worship space for Wings of Glory rehearsals. The church has a vibrant ministry in Petaluma that includes care for homeless, activities for youth, and diverse music ministries.
Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir A multiracial, interfaith group of 55 vocalists united in their love of gospel music with its message of hope, joy, unity and justice.
The Gospel Music Workshop of America is one of the best opportunities to learn and practice the art of Gospel music and ministry. GMWA has launched the careers of many gifted songwriters and artists who have risen to achieve great things in their music ministry. The Northern California Chapter is based in the Bay Area of California. Members come from all over the northern California area to participate in this anointed ministry. Join us as we travel on a path set forth for us by God continuing in the vision of one of the greatest gospel music artists of all time - the late Rev. James Cleveland.