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10 Best Jobs for 17-Year-Olds

Teenagers who are already 17 and want to work can avail of many job options. They can work part-time or full-time depending on the type of job and the time at their disposal.

The best jobs for these teenagers also pay well based on the demands of the job, the skill of the worker, and the location of the job.

The truth remains that there are lots of job options for these teenagers both online and offline.

So, if you are interested in the best jobs for 17-year-olds, then you have come to the right place.

Read the rest of this article to get ideas of the best jobs that suit this class of teenagers.


1. Article writer Job

Seventeen-year-olds can work as article writers and earn constant money.

Article writers create and publish content that is used by clients for different purposes. The content may be instructive, educative, entertaining, or informative.

The articles can be used for blogs, websites, or other media.

17-year-olds earn good money from their writing prowess, this is especially if they can put invaluable content out there.

Freelance writers can earn around $20 to $50 per hour. Of course, this is dependent on the platform, the project, the location, and the skill of the writer.

Some of the best places to find article writing jobs include,, and

By the way, you can start selling pics of your feet as a model.


2. Babysitter Job

You can become a babysitter and earn good money as a 17-year-old. This job is the kind of job that allows you to take care of a child or kids on behalf of their parents.

Babysitter jobs pay well, and you can do it as a part-time job or as a full-time job. The job can be done from your own home or at the home of the parent.

Babysitter jobs can easily be found from websites like and


3. Busser Job

You can become a restaurant busser and get paid for accomplishing tasks. You can fulfill orders and set up tables. You also get clean up tables after the customers have finished their meals.

Apart from the pay that bussers receive for doing their job, they also receive tips from appreciative customers and also from the tips they split with the waiters and other staff.

A busser job is open for most 17-year-olds and young adults.


4. Dishwasher Job

A dishwasher is someone who washes, cleans, dries, and sorts of plates, glasses, and silverware in a restaurant. He or she may use hand for this job, or he may use an industrial machine if the place of work is large.

Dishwashers also perform other chores in the place of work. They may assist in the kitchen, and help clear tables after guests have left.

17-year-olds can do this work and many organization employs them to be part-time or fulltime dishwashers.

To find a dishwasher job, you can check out websites like and


5. Dog Walker Job

A dog walker takes out dogs for a walk on behalf of the owners. This is a job for both teenagers and adults. The purpose of dog walking includes exercising the pet to keep it healthy.

The duties of a dog walker may also include basic dog training, dog feeding, and caring for the dog when it poops.

17-year-olds can become dog walkers and get paid. This job is suitable for animal lovers. It is a job you can do part-time, in the evening, or on weekends.

You can check out any dog walker job in your neighborhood. Your family and friend may recommend someone who needs his or her dogs to be walked regularly.

Use popular websites like to check out any available dog walking jobs for 17-year-olds.


6. Food Deliverer Job

Teenagers can work for restaurants as food deliverer. This is a job whereby the worker delivers ordered food to the clients at home or office. Food deliverer may use a vehicle like a car, motorcycle, bicycle, tricycle, truck or even legs to deliver the food, drink, or snacks.

Most restaurants that offer home services employ the services of food deliverers. You should consider doing this job if you are 17 years or older.


7. Front Desk Associate Job

A front desk associate is another name for a receptionist. She is responsible for receiving and welcoming guests at the place of work.

The front desk associate takes calls, receives and directs guests, and act as the face of the organization she works.

The 17-year-old who is interested in becoming a customer service representative can work as a front desk associate.

Most Front Desk Associates work at places like daycare centers community centers, and local gyms, etc.

The job pays well and someone can work part-time or fulltime.


8. Graphic Designer Job

A graphic designer helps create logos, graphics, and other images that can be used by clients to promote their companies.

A 17-year-old who is creative and has eyes for colors, and who can use graphic design software to create and design banners, flyers, logos, etc., for brands, can be employed as graphic designers.

You can also work as a freelance and work from home.


9. Grocery Store Stocker Job

A Grocery Store Stocker is someone employed to bag or stock groceries into the shelves. He or she can also work with a cash register.

Grocery stores employ teenagers to help stock groceries on the shelves and also perform other tasks.

The job does not need too much experience as you can easily learn on the job. You can work part-time as well as full time on this job.


10. House Sitter Job

A House Sitter is someone who temporally takes care of a home when the owner is away for weeks or months. The house sitter can clean the home, take care of the pet, take calls, and do other chores as the contract may state.

House sitters are employed to keep the home in order while the owner is away. The job also helps to keep vandals off the property as intruders are given the impression that the owners are still in the home.

17-year-olds can become house sitters. They can work full time or part-time.



The above are some of the best jobs for 17-year-olds. This group of teenagers can also work as tutors, store clerks, lifeguards, retail cashiers, and house cleaners.


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